A Very Personal and Important Post

  I lived in NYC for 10 years and the thing I'm SO glad to be away from is the harassment I received on the street. That is the most memorable negative of a city I love. I was flashed, men said crude things to me, a man in a nice suit asked me the time and then when he was close enough he pulled out the cover of a porn VHS and muttered a bunch of gross things, and once a man walked by and grabbed my crotch really hard, then disappeared into a crowd. That was in the middle of Times Square! The last straw was when my baby daughter was 6 months old and a man pulled out his penis standing right on the sidewalk near our apartment on the Upper West Side. That was it. Never again. Now that we live in LA, I miss the interaction you get from NYC (LA can be pretty isolating) but you know what? I don't miss it that much! I'll stay in my car thank you very much. Read the article below and you'll see why I'm glad people are speaking up about this issue. Men are raping, violating, abusing, and disrespecting women all over the world. The media FEEDS it. Women are afraid to speak out and fight back for fear of retaliation. Sometimes they play along to try to fit in. We all know that physical assault is not okay but even the verbal harassment is very violating and damaging. What can you do? TEACH your sons RESPECT for women. Don't make women sexual objects in front of them (what you do with your partner behind closed doors is your business - ha, ha) As a parent you can make difference in our culture. When you see commercials during Monday night football, talk about how it's inappropriate to sexualize the women in the commercial. And you want to know why women agree to perform in those commercials? Because they think that their sexuality is ALL THEY HAVE TO OFFER. Teach our girls that they are more than a piece of flesh. Educate then on sexual abuse. Let them study martial arts so they can put someone much bigger then them in a deadly choke hold if they ever need to. And let's work to make sure these sickos like the one in the story below are held accountable for their actions. http://www.xojane.com/issues/73-year-old-woman-raped-and-beaten-for-daring-to-photograph-public-masturbator?utm_medium=facebook

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