REVIEWS FOR "SWING" “ … if this production offers up any new star in the making it would have to be Sarah Jane Nelson, who steals the stage on at least two different occasions.  One is a hilarious reinterpretation of Julie London’s classic “Cry Me a River,” which Nelson performs as a duet with trombonist Jonathan Arons.  She sings the lyrics; he answers her in trombone.  The other is a transcendental rendition of Hoagy Carmichael & Johnny Mercer’s gorgeously sad “Skylark” which is the one instance in the entire show when the audience is apt to get lost in the moment and forget they’re sitting in a theater.  Which is to say it’s a very believable performance.  Nelson is sexy, funny, sweet, sultry, and intense all at the same time – a real tomato, as they used to say in the hip vernacular of the era when this music was first popular." -LA New Times “The show's knock-'em-dead singer is Sarah Jane Nelson, a sultry blonde who can zero in on the ache in a lyric. Her duet with trombonist Jonathan Arons on “Cry Me a River” is a masterpiece of low-key comedy intertwined with a beauty of tone and style.”  -The Miami Herald “Statuesque Sarah Jane Nelson has a lovely voice (displayed beautifully in Skylark), and she gets to make fun of a lack of rhythm in Ann Hampton Calloway’s “Hit Me With a Two and Four.”  Her “Cry Me a River crooned to repentant trombone player Jonathan Arons, is equally delightful.”  - LA Daily News “Sarah Jane Nelson, the best comedian of the bunch gets to do a wonderful good girl/bad girl routine with Ellington’s “Hit Me With a Hot Note and Watch Me Bounce.” Be prepared for her lightning-fast costume change – huge crowd pleaser…Nelson does a steamy duet with trombonist Jonathan Arons – a down tempo rendition of Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me a River”– that made me loosen my tie and swab by fevered brow.” - Orange County Register “Sarah Jane Nelson portrays a “square” woman who finds the beat in “Two and Four,” and transforms herself into a “sultry jazz goddess.”  Later, Nelson and trombonist Jonathan Arons create the night’s most memorable number, a playful duet of Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me a River.”  - RAVE LA “Nelson provides one the shows genuine highlights with the wonderful Hoagy Carmichael/Johnny Mercer song “Skylark.” - The Press Enterprise “Cry Me a River is a triumph of originality and wit” - Variety “The Mercer and Carmichael ballad “Skylark” is sung by a waitress (the lovely Sarah Jane Nelson)…and Arthur Hamilton’s “Cry Me A River” is a clever duet by first-rate singer Nelson and slide trombonist Jonathan Arons.”  - Hollywood Reporter REVIEW FOR "THE TALES OF FANNIE KENNAN" "Sarah Jane Nelson plays Fannie with verve and sass and tender wisdom." - Ashland Daily Tidings REVIEWS FOR "IT AIN'T NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES" "By the time Sarah Jane Nelson manipulates the house with a rendition of Fever that could melt the spotlight in her blond curls, the temperature in the room is already about 102." - The Philadelphia Inquirer "Sarah Jane Nelson's crystalline soprano is surprisingly versatile... standout numbers include Nelson's slinky Fever." - The Courier Post "It's an extraordinary journey, and the highlights of the trip are numerous: Sarah Jane Nelson's achingly rendered "Walkin' After midnight,..." - Philadelphia Weekly