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Life Is Rosey Hand stamped Jewelry
Shop at WWW.LIFEISROSEY.COM And now, a little backstory from SJ...
"I have a faded hot glue gun scar on my left arm - a testament to my reckless childhood craftiness. In high school, I focused on painting, drawing, mixed media collage and assemblage and was accepted into Parsons School of Design in NYC. Conflicted about what I was going to do with my life, I decided to put off art college and pursue my other passion, acting. At age 17, I moved by myself from my hometown of Monroe, Louisiana to NYC. 55th and Broadway. Every day was a thrill as I worked my tail off as a personal trainer and a waitress. Because I missed visual arts, I enrolled in F.I.T. (Fashion Institute of Technology) in Accessory Design but only went for 2 weeks before acting auditions pulled me away and I dropped out. In 2000 I fulfilled my dream of being on Broadway. Standing on that stage for the opening night curtain call in Julie Taymor's "The Green Bird" is a moment I will never forget. Joy and Triumph! The next year I performed a lead role on Broadway in SWING! and then on the 1st National Tour. It was an incredible time when I wore tight purple leather pants and walked down the street humming "Broadway Baby" with a grin a mile wide. I moved out to LA and did tv, film, voice over, and commercial work. Soon, life took a beautiful turn when had my daughter, Rosalee, but with that bundle of joy came colic (that's when a kid cries inconsolably for hours and hours on end.) Far away from my family, missing my life as an actor, leaking breastmilk from my Dolly Parton sized boobs, and suffering from sleep deprivation... my new mom life looked nothing like the Pampers commercials! Enter - jewelry. One day in 2006, a mom friend of mine took me to Michael's and we bought jewelry making supplies. From my first wire-wrap, I was hooked and LIFE IS ROSEY was born. I still wear that first pair of earrings I made. :) Since then, the journey has taken me into metalsmithing which has been a fascination of mine since back when I (almost) studied accessory design at F.I.T. LIFE IS ROSEY has grown each year with new designs, employees, and orders shipping all over the world. We are now based in Nashville, Tennessee and the real Rosey is 10 years old! Hard to believe how time flies. It was a long and winding path to making a career as a visual artist, but I'm here and I love it. The jewelry and gifts I create are more than just pretty objects. Each piece is handstamped with meaning to the individual. I love that people so often cry when they receive one of my creations. Honoring our children, partners, pets, friends... memories of those who have passed, numbers that bring luck, symbols that have meaning, and words and verses that inspire - I adore waking up each day to create custom, meaningful, wearable, art. I handcraft my work in the highest quality materials and put my heart into every piece I ship out. Now go check it out at Peace and Love, :) Sarah Jane Sarah Jane Headshot