Your Story Song

Would you like for me to write an ORIGINAL SONG just for you or your loved one?

I'm passionate about telling stories though music, and this is a great opportunity to let me create the most PERSONAL and ORIGINAL gift you will ever give for an anniversary, birthday, graduation, marriage proposal, retirement, memorial, and weddings! (It makes a perfect first dance song as a gift to the father of the bride or a song for the wedding ceremony.)

Some of you may know my song "No Tomorrow." I wrote it for my grandparents Barbara Parrish Woods and Pappy after my grandpa found out that he needed a risky heart surgery and the doctors weren't sure he would make it. I was in Oregon and unable to travel to Arkansas, so I sat down and poured my heart into this song that tells the story of how they met in the 40's before he shipped off to WW2. They shared a love of dancing then and even after 63 years of marriage, they still turned on the record player and danced in the middle of the kitchen floor. I took the song to a friend who played piano on the recording and then sent it overnight to Pappy. He heard it before he went into surgery and the song has been special to our family ever since. 

"No Tomorrow" by Sarah Jane Nelson

Here's how the process works: 1. I will meet with you (in person, Skype, phone) to get facts/details/inspiration about your song topic. In this conversation, we will find the heart of your story. 
2. I'll write your song in any style of music including country, pop, rock, jazz, or even musical theatre!
3. Turnaround time will vary depending on my schedule. If you need it very quickly, I will have to charge an bit extra for rush. 
3. I will record a guitar or piano demo of the song. The package includes a Mp3 version of the song e-mailed to you and also a hard copy mailed if you wish. For those who want a more elaborate production or a male singer, I can easily do that at a reasonable extra charge.
I hope you'll consider letting me write something special that will be treasured in your family for generations to come...
:) Sarah Jane