Last night, I opened for Josh Turner at The Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon and it was a truly magical evening. That venue is so beautiful and it felt great to look out over the sold-out crowd and share this new set of songs I’ve written. I was lucky enough to have Ed Dunsavage on guitar and Crystal Reeves on fiddle and mandolin.

It’s extremely vulnerable to perform new, original songs for the first time. I opened up during the set, shared the stories behind the songs, and the audience responded so well. I felt they were really with me and after the show, the line for my CDs was all the way up the hill! I was blown away, moved, encouraged, and thrilled. The fans were so kind and made me feel really special…

New fans!
This was a FIRST!

After I SOLD OUT of cds, I found my way to a blanket on the lawn to enjoy Josh’s fantastic set. His rich bass voice rang out through the amphitheater and I was honored to be a part of such a special night.

Thank you to The Britt Festival and Josh Turner’s team who gave me this opportunity to be a part of this very special evening!

On July 1st, I’ll be the opening act for Josh Turner at The Britt Festival in Jacksonville, Oregon! Josh Turner had a hit with his debut album’s title track, “Long Black Train”. His second album, Your Man (2006) accounted for his first two number-one hits: “Your Man” and “Would You Go with Me”, while this year’s Everything Is Fine included the No. 2 hit, “Firecracker”.

As for the venue for this show, if you’ve never been to Britt Festival or historic town of Jacksonville, Oregon, it’s stunning. This idyllic outdoor amphitheater is going to be the perfect venue to try out my new set of country tunes, and I can’t wait to share them with all of you!

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