Life lessons from my rose garden…



I’ve never been a plant person but I have a spectacular rose garden in my front yard. I can’t take credit for it (our landlord is the one who cares for them) but I’ve grown to adore them so much. As the spring has sprung, I have marveled every single day at the beauty of the new roses I discover. Surprises in every corner of the yard keep opening up to me. I’m in awe of the yellow, lavender, red, coral – all different sizes and scents.

These days are so precious and fleeting. Happy moments with my little Mateo age 5 and Rosey age 7 – delicious snuggles, enlightening talks, and so many priceless moments. I want to bottle up the minutes and make them last forever, but that’s not how it works. Taking pictures is the only way I know how to stop time. And so that’s what I do with the roses too.

They bud and bloom and I take photos.  Photos that show them in all their glory, in their peak of splendor, and then they bloom full and begin their process of passing away. It’s interesting that they smell the very sweetest as they begin to wither.  I put my nose all the way inside and sniff each time I pass. I can’t get enough, and then they’re gone. New roses pop up.  New colors I’ve never seen before, brightness and sweetness…

I guess this garden is here to show us in the most glorious way that life is in motion, nothing lasts, everything changes and moves forward. My life has had thorns. Sometimes the challenges and heartbreaks overwhelm me, but overall, in the big picture, there is so much to be grateful for. Let us all treasure the moments when life is gloriously in BLOOM.

Below you’d find pics of my front yard roses. None of the photos are retouched! Just natural beauty, frozen in time, forever in bloom… Leave a comment below if you wish. I’d love to know that someone is out there listening.  Also feel free to share with a rose-lover (or a life-lover) who might enjoy this post.

Sarah Jane

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