"Your song gave me hope. I’m damaged but I’ll survive still. It’s so sad and so dark at times. I have noticed I have been turning to music and relating my life to so many songs. This one was the best so far. Thank you again”  

“I love this song... the story of my life.”  

“Sarah Jane, I’ve listened to this song so many times. It lifts my spirits. "Amazing song. Hard to hold my tears back." 

"Thanks for your uplifting words in your songs. Keep on making those songs. You’re heaven sent in my book. I wish I could meet you one day. Stay strong to your happiness and faith. God Bless You”

"Oh my gosh... this has just moved to the top of my favorite song list. You have such an amazing talent and I pray you go far on this journey. I am a warrior of life myself. Thank you for your song."

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