“First Rate Singer” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Sarah Jane Nelson’s first blues album is a great journey deep into the blues through the works of Robert Johnson, Billie Holiday, T Bone Walker, Ida Cox, Jimmy Reed and W.C. Handy… a series of the richest and most sensual covers from a singer with an intense and luxurious voice.  In this superb duo with Hawkeye Herman you’ll find yourself with an album on which Sarah Jane Nelson’s talent literally explodes.  Albums like “Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues” are the kind one wishes they’d bump into every day.”  – Fred Delforge (from popular French music website www.ziczic.com – translated into English)

“Sexy, funny, sweet, sultry, and intense all at the same time” – New Times L.A.

“Life isn’t fair. Really, it shouldn’t be allowed. Come on, the lady’s already young, very pretty, and she has to have a superb voice too ? Won’t she let anything for the rest of us ?  Actually, yes, she does : this CD. So, let’s talk about it then : what, nothing but driven into the ground covers, except for but one original ? Well, yes, but no. Be careful here… These covers weren’t done at random. No, they were crafted from the heart. With a passion. And of course, a lot of care was put in it too. The fact is that despite she’s a blonde, she’s far from being stupid. So she surrounded herself with some of the best : Michael ‘Hawkeye’ Herman on acoustic guitar, on vocal too on the good ol’ Jimmy Reed’s Baby What You Want Me To Do, did all the arrangements, and the man knows how to make a good old blues song ring! Often minimalistic, he and his partner Big Irv’ Lubliner on harp, occasionally joined by Tom Freeman on percussion, do everything they can to let Sarah Jane Nelson’s vocal shine. Indeed, she doesn’t need a big production to do just that, the best example here being maybe the immortal I Put A Spell On You by the late great Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, on which the men almost disappear behind this beauty of a voice. Actually, when other albums seem to need multiple spins before they can hope to “domesticate” the listener, here it’s love at first listen! Slip the CD into your player, press the button, and you’re seduced. This might be the lady’s first blues album – I hear she already recorded a couple in other genres – but it’s much more than a test, this is perfectly mastered work. No really, Sarah Jane Nelson has got it all : she’s an actress – she had roles, often main ones, in the movies, on TV, on Broadway, even in musical about the blues, mind you ! – a talented singer, married to a handsome actor, mother of two, and now she even has fans in France !   Will you join us ?”René Malines (French blues review – translated into English)

Nelson made me loosen my tie and swab my fevered brow” – Orange County Register

“Sarah Jane is a natural singer of the highest caliber, a dynamic communicator, and her ability to own an audience is astounding.  Truly a joy to work with…” Hawkeye Herman

“Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues is a wonderful debut from an artist just feeling her way into the blues. Cannot wait to hear her take the progression further. Outstanding voice and perfect delivery, the blues sound fresh and exciting in Sarah Jane Nelson’s hands. Get ready to snap your fingers while listening; it’s just a natural instinct you will not be able to avoid.” – Greg Johnson (president, Cascade Blues Association)

“A knock ‘em dead singer, Nelson is a sultry blonde who can zero in on the ache in a lyric.” – The Miami Herald