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  1. Dearest Sarah Jane,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your deepest self with us. Your experience is a timeless piece of reflection and a very personal reminder of how precious our lives together and entertwined are.

    You are a gifted writer! Please keep sharing,
    Your Jude

  2. Thanks for sharing Sarah Jane – it’s hard for me to imagine how intense that was for you and the rest of the folks in NYC. It was intense was over here in Ashland, but nothing like…

  3. Sarah Jane, I know you talked about it one time when we scrap booked, but not as detailed. Glad to see you put it down on “paper”. Great piece!
    Always a sad event to remember, being a home town girl. Even though I moved in ’82 it was still “home”. I remember visiting Ground Zero in ’05 and being overcome by the whole ambiance. I remembered when I was young and I would go pick up checks at one of the towers from one of the Transit Authority’s offices; I could have been one of those victims………..
    Always sad for me.

  4. Hi Sarah Jane. First of all we are so grateful that you and Rene lived to tell this story.
    We never know what will show up that shapes and reshapes our lives. As a witness to this event in real time it no doubt etched into your consciousness the preciousness of
    life, which you now carry forward into all of your relationships. Marcello read your account and he too was moved by it. Thank you for sharing your story, it gives me another insight into who you and Rene are. Peace and Blessings to you both. Joe

  5. Beautiful account SJ. Please contact me at this at address – I’d like to talk to you about your piece. Go well and LOVE LIFE!

  6. Thank you. Thank you for this very very very much, it was something perfect to read on the morning of 9.11.2012.

  7. SJ-

    I like most remember this moment frozen in time and seared into my mind as one of the most horrific events of my life. I remember exactly what I ate for breakfast and every specific detail about what I was wearing to work that day.

    After the initial shock set in and my mind shifted to the people of NYC, I remembered that you and your Mom were both living there. Would you believe I called Philip right then and actually was able to get him without it going to Voice Mail?

    I cannot express to you how happy I am you survived, but it I still cannot watch images of the events of 9/11 without getting nauseated and emotional over the people who died that day.

    Thank you for sharing.


  8. Thanks so much for posting SJ! Never knew you witnessed and remembered everything so vividly. I shared this with all my FB and Twitter friends. Thank God you and Rene were unharmed! We’ll never forget. X

  9. Sarah Jane, I also thank you for sharing this. I was sorry to have to realize this morning that this is 9/11, such a sad and frightening day of memory–I’d like to reclaim this day as something else somehow– but then I was very moved to read your post and get your firsthand account. I particularly find that a) you wanted to turn around early b) you found a taxi when most were unavailable c) you got a taxi driver who was middle-eastern, who wanted to express the desire for peace that most people have. You are blessed, indeed, and continue to bless others with sharing all of your gifts. This is one. Thanks again. Suzanne

  10. Thank you for sharing!! This day everyone will rember what they were doing when the terrorists hit. We were actually on a plane headed to Washington DC to visit friends. Needless to say we did not make it there!

    • I’m sure that was quite an experience to be on a plane to Washington that morning. We were all part of that moment in history in some way… Thanks for reading my story. – SJ

  11. I found this today, on the eleventh anniversary of the tragedy. Your account was moving and very well-written and it gave me goose bumps. Thank you for writing this.

  12. Hi there_ I knew you and Rene were in NYC, but I had no idea you were there THEN! I just can’t believe it! That September was life changing. A family living locally in Ashland died in a plane crash and then 9/11 happened. I’ll never forget my Mom calling Tod and I from Michigan and telling us to drive home, NOW!

    Thanks for sharing your account.

    • I just looked up that plane crash. Wow. That must have been a challenging time for Ashland… Thanks for reading my post and I wish you so much love on this day of remembering. Love, SJ

  13. I was deeply touched by your account of what happened that day. Over in the UK, we also watched from our TV screens, unable to fathom the enormity of that catastrophe. Eleven years on and I am now a teacher, teaching pupils who were only 3 when the events happened.

    It is sad to say they had no grasp of it. No real understanding. But accounts like the one you have written have really helped them visualise it.

    If it is okay with you, can I use a section of your writing in my lesson? It would be great to get these kids to put themselves in other people’s shoes.

    Again, thank you for sharing what you went through that day.

    • Thank you for reading my 9/11 story. It’s still very strange to believe that I really saw that happen with my own eyes, but writing it out was very healing for me. I’d be happy for you to share it with your students, and I hope it helps them better understand the events of that day. Sincerely, Sarah Jane

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