My song, “Every Other Weekend” is about being a single parent and sharing parenting time with your ex. It’s an unusual feeling to have so much love for your children, but spend time away from them part of the time.

Even with a 50/50 split, you end up having every other weekend and it took a lot of adjusting for me when I began my divorce journey. I hope this song makes other single parents feel like they’re not alone.

I’m also very grateful that Americana Highways, a site I enjoy very much, did the premiere of the video.

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After 5 years in the making, it’s time to begin the release of my new album, “I’m Not Broken,” and I’m thrilled to kick it off with a premiere in Wide Open Country! This song is a very personal account of a struggle I faced and overcame. I hope that this song reached everyone who needs to hear it, and I’m so honored that Bobby Jean Sawyer of Wide Open Country wrote such a lovely piece for the premiere!

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Please comment below to let me know if this song resonates with you. Let the journey begin…

Much Love,
Sarah Jane