When I set out on the journey to release this record, I knew that it would be an uphill battle. I didn’t have money for a PR person to pitch my album to journalists. I was told that, without PR, I wouldn’t have a chance for any decent press. As a single mom, independent artist, I didn’t have any choice but to send out email after email and hope that someone listened.

Today, is a very special day because American Songwriter, a publication I love and respect so much, is releasing a feature article about my new record! I can’t express how overjoyed I feel.

Thank you to Tina Benitez-Eves for writing this beautiful piece and believing in my music!

Click here to read the American Songwriter article!

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to The Rocking Magpie, a UK based music site that surprised me today with a lovely review of my record, “I’m Not Broken!”

I emailed my EPK to Jack Kidd of Lionheart Radio a couple of months ago and didn’t hear back from him. Then this beautiful review showed up today! See the article below:

I’m Not Broken

Powerful, Passionate and Insightful Songs of Break-Up and Redemption.

Nashville based, single mum of two Sarah Jane Nelson is a new name to me and probably to most other music lovers here in the UK. But, don’t let that prevent you from not giving her more than a second glance at this review of her new album.
Fact is, Sarah Jane is a revelation and delivers a coherent set of songs that reflect her recent past and how she comes to terms with a broken marriage. However, what unfolds through the songs is a resilient, determined and brave lady who has delved deep into her soul to write and record 11 fine tracks, plus a bonus of an acoustic cover of The Backstreet Boys finest from over 20 years ago.
Don’t though expect spite and vitriol.
Yes, I can hear pain, humiliation and sadness but it’s more the facing up to reality with a vivid honesty from a fighter determined to rebuild a life. This set of songs project a person who’ll damn-well make sure she bounces back. The opening track “Break our Hearts” has some sweet violin from Andrea Young plus a haunting pedal steel guitar from Smith Curry; behind a vocal duet that could quite easily be Faith Hill and Tim McGraw; it really is that good.
Gone” has what is almost unique on country records these days; a wah-wah guitar inter-twined with pedal steel and banjo. But, let me stress, it works.
We then get a mid-tempo feel from a slightly more light-hearted “Dragged” where Sarah Jane tells us “you gotta let go, or you’re gonna get dragged”.
I really liked the opening line to “Her or Me” where we are told that “Whiskey is a woman, she says the sweetest things, One sip and you’re ready to dance”.
Whilst the guided missile lyrics of “I Only Cry at Night” hit the target, smack bang on the bulls eye.
If you were to push me for my favourite track, then the up-tempo fiddle, banjo and bottle-neck guitar of “Reap What You Sow” would probably be my preferred choice. It’s actually the chorus punchline that resonates with me, with Sarah telling us what she really, really thinks of her ex and his new partner:
He’s a bag of dirt and you’re the hoe”.
Getting over the trauma of a marriage that went wrong (which sadly is a facsimile of her experience as a child via her own parents split) is the crystal clear theme throughout.
Nevertheless, don’t let that put you off, this is a Country album after all and a damn fine at that. Excellent songs containing lovely melodies and reflective, touching words.
The title of the album is blatantly apt, as it is plain for one and all to see that Sarah Jane Nelson is well on the way to being mended.
Don’t just take my word for it though, ask our Head of Operations (HOM) in our household, she is a huge fan of the aforementioned group of established female singer-songwriters in my final paragraph, and it is she who has commandeered the album and I strongly believe that I’ll struggle to get it back now.
Musically, Sarah Jane has some of Nashville’s finest providing a full and interesting backing that ensures a wide spectrum of instrumentation. The early years she spent in Broadway Shows undoubtedly weren’t wasted and vocally we hear an extremely warm, clear and  strong voice.
If you like Mary Chapin Carpenter, Kathy Mattea or Alison Moorer and her sister Shelby Lynne then you can add another name to the list.

Released 26th June 2020
BUY HERE: https://sarahjanenelsonshop.com/
Review: Jack Kidd aka “Messin’ with the Kidd” on lionheartradio.com 

My song, “Every Other Weekend” is about being a single parent and sharing parenting time with your ex. It’s an unusual feeling to have so much love for your children, but spend time away from them part of the time.

Even with a 50/50 split, you end up having every other weekend and it took a lot of adjusting for me when I began my divorce journey. I hope this song makes other single parents feel like they’re not alone.

I’m also very grateful that Americana Highways, a site I enjoy very much, did the premiere of the video.

Click here to read the article from Americana Highways!

My new record is filled with inspirational and motivational songs about breaking up and moving forward in life. “Reap What You Sow” is not one of those songs. :) It’s a humorously confrontational song to the mistress, and it felt like the perfect single to release on Valentine’s Day.

I directed the music video and used Dee’s Country Cocktail Lounge in Madison, Tennessee as the location. Jeremy Burchard was the cinematographer and actors James Fuertes and Elisabeth Donaldson did a fantastic job playing the husband and mistress.

I am thrilled that Wide Open Country included “Reap What You Sow” as one of the top songs you need to hear this week! Being mentioned alongside the likes of Tenille Towns is a HUGE honor for an indie artist like myself!

Click here to read the article from Wide Open Country!

After 5 years in the making, it’s time to begin the release of my new album, “I’m Not Broken,” and I’m thrilled to kick it off with a premiere in Wide Open Country! This song is a very personal account of a struggle I faced and overcame. I hope that this song reached everyone who needs to hear it, and I’m so honored that Bobby Jean Sawyer of Wide Open Country wrote such a lovely piece for the premiere!

Click here to read the full article on Wide Open Country!

Please comment below to let me know if this song resonates with you. Let the journey begin…

Much Love,
Sarah Jane

Where do we find inspiration?  Joy? Gratitude?  Sometimes I get stressed out and negative and then something will remind me of the beauty and LOVE that makes life worthwhile.

The other day, I had been working too long and was feeling particularly burned out and anxious, so I headed out for a walk around my neighborhood.  I was walking really briskly, and then this caught my eye…

It was a little heart sticker turned upside down with some dirt on it.  There was something about it that made me smile, so I took this photo with my phone.  I continued walking and soon came across this…

It was a heart shaped hole in the sidewalk!  How cool!  I snapped a photo and continued walking. A block later I saw this…

So pretty right?  I love the red brick it was sitting on.  By this time I was feeling like a little kid on a scavenger hunt – excitedly looking at the ground as I walked.   Just a bit down that block I saw this one too…

I noticed that my anxiety had melted away in marveling at these simple little gifts of nature.  My mind started taking stock of all the beauty that is right in front of us – beauty we can’t see because we’re so busy thinking negatively.  And then this…

How stunning is this one?  I guess it’s old chewing gum in the shape of a heart!  By this point I was really feeling the LOVE!  Kept walking and sure enough…

It had rained earlier that morning and this little wet spot looked like a heart!  If you back away from the picture you see it even more and that’s how I saw it from a little distance. I love how subtle this one is.  As I walked along pondering that one I realized that sometimes love is more of a whisper than a siren.  A whisper that guides the best things we do in life.

As I rounded the corner to my apartment, I saw this one.  The leaves were just sitting there like this and the whole thing was getting pretty amazing at this point…

After my 30 minute adventure, my mindset was totally changed.  I went from feeling on the verge of an anxiety attack to coming home energized and positive.  Taking a walk always turns around my mood, but the little hearts along the way made me extra joyful.  I walked up my apartment stairs and on the wall of the building I noticed this…

It was a TINY bit of paint from the trim of the building that was shaped like a heart.  It was only a 1/4″ in size so I never noticed before.

Today, take time to notice the beauty around you, and though all life’s challenges, you’ll be reminded that LOVE really is all around us.  And see if you can find some hearts around you too!  I bet you’ll see them…

*If you have photos of hearts you’ve discovered, post them on Facebook and then post the link in a comment below so we can see!
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Sarah Jane